HDR: Rannoch MoorHDR (High Dynamic Range) image from Rannoch Moor, Highlands of Scotland Welcome to Digital Creativity, a digital photography website sharing landscape photography, HDR photography, panoramas and much more including photography tutorials, Lightroom, PhotoMatix and Photoshop tutorials.


I have a passion for landscape photography, and living in Northallerton, North Yorkshire there are endless bounds of opportunities. Scotland is another favourite place to visit, especially the West Coast and the Highlands. Rannoch Moor is one of my favourite places of Scotland, and I always make a point of visiting it at different times of the year.



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Flickr is a great place to get your photographs noticed by other like minded people. Its also a great place to share your photos with friends and family. Most of my photographs start off on Flickr before they end up on my website. If you would like to see more of my images on a regular updated basis, then why not come visit my Flickr Photostream and Join my contact list to be sure of regular updates.


Latest News

For those of you that know me, or know of me, you will realise by now that I have a fascination for HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. This is where three or more images set to different exposures are combined into one final image, using software such as Photomatix, Dynamic Photo or the latest versions of Photoshop.



HDR Photography

HDR has been a learning curve for me, and some of my early images are rather "overcooked" (the term commonly used on the various forums). These days, I tend to keep my HDR images more natural looking but I do occasionally tend to venture over to the very dramatic side. Sometimes the dramatic works better than the subtle approach, but then again, not always.


A lot of the time it comes down to experimentation, and there is nothing wrong with that!


I have reworked my HDR Galleries, and uploaded the more 'acceptable' HDR Images, whilst removing quite a lot of the garish ones. However, I have left some of my early images in the gallery to show my progress in HDR photography.




Photography Workshops

Photography workshops are a great source of learning. You get to spend time with a professional in their genre of photography. They may not be cheap, but the knowledge you gain along with the experience is well worth it. I highly recommend doing at least one workshop to see how it improves your photography.


I managed to get on one with Joe Cornish in 2009, and another with Chris Weston in 2010. Circumstances permitting, I hope to get on another one this year too.



Hazel Head Woods - Joe Cornish WorkshopJoe Cornish, Landscape Workshop

After meeting at Joe's Gallery, we headed off towards Hazel Head Woods, between Osmotherley and Hornby in North Yorkshire, where we learned valuable techniques, settings, amongst many other things.


After Hazel Woods we headed over to Sutton Bank, not far from Thirsk, for more great tuition and one to one learning, which included the use of filters and the use of fading light.








Seal Cub: Donna Nook WorkshopChris Weston, Donna Nook Workshop

The other recent workshop was with Chris Weston. This was at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire, and it was photographing wildlife - more to the point, seals and their cubs.


We were lucky enough to actually get down on the main beach so we were really close to these seals, and we did spend quite a lot of time down there.


This workshop was over two days, and prices included accommodation and food, and I would very much recommend one of Chris' workshops.





Focus Stacking ExampleMacro Photography

This is a new subject to me, and since a friend has let me use his dedicated macro lens on loan I have to admit I am hooked. My first 'real' experience of macro photography was spent at Paddy's Hole, a little cove in Redcar.


I had come across 'focus stacking' and was longing to have a go. So glad I did.


As mentioned, this is a new avenue of photography for me, and I will keep posting images and articles as I learn more on this subject.




Photo Buddy Trips: S8rBoyPhoto Buddies & Days Out

One of the great free resources I have come across in the photography world is photo buddies. These are pre-arranged days out with people who also enjoy getting out with the camera.


I regularly get together with other people local to me for a 'togging' session, and its also a great way of bouncing new ideas off each other.


The scene in the photo opposite was something I had never thought of photographing before, but thankfully one of the people I was with at the time knew Newcastle like the back of his hand and was able to give some great advice on locations, and was not afraid to go up to the locals and ask if it would be ok to take their photograph.


For a photo buddy day out I have even travelled down to Fleetwood and Worcester to meet up with other fellow photographers.


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Candid & Street PhotographyCandid & Street Photography

Another avenue I am currently experimenting with is candid photography and or street photography (or shooting from the hip). This sort of photography shows people as they interact with life, well, at least thats the way I see it. Go down to your local market and fire off a card full of rapid shots then look at the expressions on your subject's face - not posed, no false smiles, just true to life.


If I understand the definition of candid photography properly then it is taking a photograph of a person while they are not aware, but at the same time not being offensive.





Favourite External Links

Here are just a couple of my favourite links which I use regularly and recommend to other people. More links can be found in my Links section. If you would like to exchange links, then please get in touch.


This is a great forum be you a beginner or a pro - everyone is like family here and always willing to help us all on our way to be better photographers.


LightRoom Killer Tips


SLR Simulator

This was posted on a forum I am a moderator in - I dutifully clicked the link and once I had a play I thought to myself what a bloody good idea! If you are wanting to practice taking photos at varying settings (hand held) have a go at this free simulator. Check out if you lower the lighting scenario and take the photo just how much camera shake you get! Ideal simulator for those wanting to learn full manual mode etc.


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