Here I have put together a few tutorials/articles for using photoshop. I will be posting more as and when time permits. Hope there is something of use here for you.



Getting to Grips with Layers

Getting to Grips with the Clone Tool

HDR Photography Workflow

Macro Photography & Photo Stacking

Layer Masks - a fun way to learn this one

Fun with the Transform Tools & Filters in Photoshop

Me, Myself, and I - From Start to Finish



Creating your own Presets for Exporting

Saving your settings for future use






Understanding Apature by Example

Creating Panoramics - the easy version

Creating Panoramics - the harder version

Creating an HDR Panoramic From Start to Finish

Hyperfocal Distance Photography

HDR with a Compact Camera

HDR from a Single Image Using Adobe Lightroom & Photomatix

Long Exposure During the Day

Long Exposure at Night

Going Fully Manual with your Camera